Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic- first stop for Spring Break 2011

We started our Spring Break trip in Prague, Czech Republic. All of my friends whom have recently studied abroad told me I had to visit Prague if I had the opportunity. I'm glad I did! It was unlike anything else I've seen before. Very different. It looks almost as if you're in a fairytale or a picture book. It's really weird too, how you'll be walking along these century old buildings and then there is a McDonald's next door. So different from America. Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg have nothing on Ancient Europe. Good try, though.
Prague was awesome to see and had some great things to do. I learned a lot and it's definitely a place you should go to learn and experience the older architecture, but it was a tad cold. Not quite spring break weather :p haha. One of the coolest things I found from our visit, was seeing the balcony where the fall of the Soviet Union was announced, the creation of Czechoslovakia was announced, and where the separation between the two countries Czech Republic and Slovakia was announced. Pretttty cool.

Balcony where the 3 announcements have been made
Czech Republic is also the first former communist country I've been to. We learned a lot from a tour we took at how fresh the wounds are from the oppressions of communism. We tend to forget how recent the Soviet Union fall was. Twenty-one years ago. That isn't a long time. (However, on May 25th of this year I will feel as if 21 years is a long time, but I digress). The Czech Republic has made some astounding accomplishments and progress in 21 years. They went from 3 hour waits in line for a single banana to being a member of the European Union. I'll tip my hat to that.

Dinner in the Cave!
I wish we would have have gotten the chance to talk to someone older who had lived through the years of the communist regime, but English seemed to really only be spoken well for the younger people. Our last dinner in the city was in a cave which was built in the 1200s. The part we ate in was the younger part- only built in the 1400s. Young spring chicken, huh? On our last day in Prague, we also saw the "Dancing Building" modeled after Fred Astaire. Incredible how this is a real-life buliding!

Dad's pictures of food

Risotto with lobster and cod

Chocolate Lava Cake

Creme Brulee being Bruleed :)



Chocolate cake and Coffee Ice Cream
Dad's face while eating the Profiteroles...

"You will fill me with joy in your presence" Psalms 16:11

Psalms 16:11 couldn't describe visits from friend Sarah Clancy and my parents any better. The last weekend of March my good friend Sarah came to visit with friends for the weekend in Paris. It was so fun to be able to show other people around Paris and look like I even know some stuff about the city. Quelle chance? :)

Sarah and I at the Eiffel Tower at Night :)
Unfortunately, I had to do something silly like attend class during the day, but I was able to still try and show Sarah and her friends around beautiful Paris. Sad as it was to see Sarah go back to London it meant the crazy duo April and Gary Keeler were on their way to Paris!

The best way to describe their visit was either the word hilarious or nuts. Both are applicable and if you know my parents both are characteristic :) To start the travel adventure, Dad thought it was a good idea to sing Canada's national anthem where ever he went. He thought it would make him look better in the eyes of the French so he wouldn't seem American. Like the song would help!

It was such a nice visit. We saw all of the Parisian sights. Shopped :) And enjoyed French food to the ninth degree. That may have been the most enjoyable part of their trip: sharing the awesome culinary French experience. Dad thought it was a good idea to take a picture of literally every food he ate while here. (Next post will be his pictures for all to enjoy)

My parents with Lexi's Parents
We were able to go to dinner with most of my friends from my program, which was really fun. It's always fun to be able to share your new world with your family. To top, my friend Lexi's parents were in town so we had a double parents dinner. Talk about laughs :)

We also went to dinner at Le Grand Colbert, which is the French restaurant where Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholoson ate dinner! Pretty cool. I'm not sure it's possible to laugh as much as I do with my parents, but it happens. In short, Psalms 16:11 said it best...being in the presence of my parents and good friends fills me with joy :)

L'arc de triumphe

Cute Lovebirds

Mom and my first glass of French wine together

Parents and the Eiffel Tower :)

Barcelona, Spain 2011

The second place I went to visit after Dublin, Ireland was Barcelona, Spain! It has definitely been my favorite city we've visited thus far. It is such a cool city. It definitely helped that it was sunny and warm. It was our first taste of the sun in 2 and a half months of cold gray Parisian skies. I even got some sun!

We had a great weekend filled with touring the city. We started the weekend off with going to the open market. It's called La Boqueria. Heaven on Earth could suffice as well. It literally has every fresh fruit, veggie, meat, seafood, and more available. It also had every fresh fruit squeezed into fresh juice! I had passionfruit and rasberry juice.

We visited a lot of the works by architect Gaudi. He had some really cool and far fetched things. Like this building which is now a museum. This is a small picture, but it was really neat. Kind of out there. Almost as if it was a building from Whooville from Dr. Seuss!

Park Guell

The next stop was Park Guell. It was also built by architect Gaudi. Literally, the coolest park in the world. We had a beautiful view of the entire city at the highest point in the park. Before leaving we made sure to dip our toes in the Mediterranean Sea- on the Spanish side! The last stop before leaving was seeing the Magic Fountain. It's name doesn't do it justice. It is the most spectacular fountain with a light show. The best part? The light show was playing to the tunes of Disney movies!
Lexi and I at San Sebastian
Incredible Fountain and the Lights!
Moral of the story...if you get the chance visit Barcelona!