Saturday, April 23, 2011

Barcelona, Spain 2011

The second place I went to visit after Dublin, Ireland was Barcelona, Spain! It has definitely been my favorite city we've visited thus far. It is such a cool city. It definitely helped that it was sunny and warm. It was our first taste of the sun in 2 and a half months of cold gray Parisian skies. I even got some sun!

We had a great weekend filled with touring the city. We started the weekend off with going to the open market. It's called La Boqueria. Heaven on Earth could suffice as well. It literally has every fresh fruit, veggie, meat, seafood, and more available. It also had every fresh fruit squeezed into fresh juice! I had passionfruit and rasberry juice.

We visited a lot of the works by architect Gaudi. He had some really cool and far fetched things. Like this building which is now a museum. This is a small picture, but it was really neat. Kind of out there. Almost as if it was a building from Whooville from Dr. Seuss!

Park Guell

The next stop was Park Guell. It was also built by architect Gaudi. Literally, the coolest park in the world. We had a beautiful view of the entire city at the highest point in the park. Before leaving we made sure to dip our toes in the Mediterranean Sea- on the Spanish side! The last stop before leaving was seeing the Magic Fountain. It's name doesn't do it justice. It is the most spectacular fountain with a light show. The best part? The light show was playing to the tunes of Disney movies!
Lexi and I at San Sebastian
Incredible Fountain and the Lights!
Moral of the story...if you get the chance visit Barcelona!

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