Saturday, April 23, 2011

"You will fill me with joy in your presence" Psalms 16:11

Psalms 16:11 couldn't describe visits from friend Sarah Clancy and my parents any better. The last weekend of March my good friend Sarah came to visit with friends for the weekend in Paris. It was so fun to be able to show other people around Paris and look like I even know some stuff about the city. Quelle chance? :)

Sarah and I at the Eiffel Tower at Night :)
Unfortunately, I had to do something silly like attend class during the day, but I was able to still try and show Sarah and her friends around beautiful Paris. Sad as it was to see Sarah go back to London it meant the crazy duo April and Gary Keeler were on their way to Paris!

The best way to describe their visit was either the word hilarious or nuts. Both are applicable and if you know my parents both are characteristic :) To start the travel adventure, Dad thought it was a good idea to sing Canada's national anthem where ever he went. He thought it would make him look better in the eyes of the French so he wouldn't seem American. Like the song would help!

It was such a nice visit. We saw all of the Parisian sights. Shopped :) And enjoyed French food to the ninth degree. That may have been the most enjoyable part of their trip: sharing the awesome culinary French experience. Dad thought it was a good idea to take a picture of literally every food he ate while here. (Next post will be his pictures for all to enjoy)

My parents with Lexi's Parents
We were able to go to dinner with most of my friends from my program, which was really fun. It's always fun to be able to share your new world with your family. To top, my friend Lexi's parents were in town so we had a double parents dinner. Talk about laughs :)

We also went to dinner at Le Grand Colbert, which is the French restaurant where Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholoson ate dinner! Pretty cool. I'm not sure it's possible to laugh as much as I do with my parents, but it happens. In short, Psalms 16:11 said it best...being in the presence of my parents and good friends fills me with joy :)

L'arc de triumphe

Cute Lovebirds

Mom and my first glass of French wine together

Parents and the Eiffel Tower :)

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  1. You mean to tell me Gary sang, out loud and in public??? How embarassing :-)