Saturday, February 5, 2011

La joie n'a pas de la limité

La joie n'a pas de la limité. The meaning of this phrase is..."Joy isn't limited or joy does not have a limit". I love this phrase.

Growing up I was always told to not put all of my eggs into one basket. The risk was betting everything on just one wish. In's different! Imagine that. It's almost as if you can't have enough simple joys in life. If you ask for something from someone serving you, a hotel staff, or even a new friend it is common to hear "it would bring me pleasure". In my opinion, the idea of pleasure, joy, and happiness has revealed itself as a cornerstone of the French culture.

Today, I fully immersed myself in this idea. After a mandatory morning meeting, I went to a museum with a friend. (Yes, mother you did, in fact, read that sentence correctly. It was free and I went for fun. Earth also moved out of alignment for the time that I was in said museum for fun, but all is right again so no worries). Afterwards, we walked around a bit and then I got some Stephanie time.

My dear friend Allison said "STEPH, don't take pictures of some really old lame buildings. I want to see pictures of YOU when you're in Paris". I can't say I've really been that interested in architecture before in my life, but in Paris I could walk for days and be content. I get lost in the streets and roundabounts. Of which, may I add are done correctly. Not as confusing as my beloved D.C. are layed out to be. Just saying... Anyhoo.... I walked around by myself along the sidestreets and faked acting like I had a purpose and knew where I was going (like all other Parisians).

I did enjoy a few of the "Les Soldes" today, but I'm not here only for the shopping, so I only bought a dress for less than 10 dollars  (sa-weet) with 2 cool new pairs of earrings and some boots that are way too cool for me. Hopefully, by the end of my 4 months here I'll be able to pass as a tad cooler given my recent exposure to the French culture. Then I’ll be able to wear them! :) I also bought my favorite perfume Chance by Chanel. So much cooler when it's purchased in France.

The French universal sales were not the only French tradition I enjoyed today. I had a crepe with sugar and lemon juice and an orginga while aimlessly exploring my favorite city (close your ears Boston, Mass). Seriously heaven. Gary Keeler, nuttella has nothing on this heavenly experience.

This evening we had a welcome dinner at a very nice restaurant next to the Notre Dame. Talk about immersing oneself in puure joy! My dad has this annoying habit of always saying "mm" when he tastes something great. It's never loud enough to truly be adible, but it exists. It’s actually endearing. I definitely followed in the old man footsteps tonight. Every bite was literally incroyable (unn-croy--abler) or incredible. The meal was made even better with fabulous red wine and even dessert. We had chocolate crepes :)

To top the day off of true joy and pleasure some friends and I went to the Eiffel Tour and took more pictures and watched it light up with its twinkle lights.

Talking everyone's head off, but read what you want and skip what you want. Whatever brings you joy :)
The girls in front of Notre Dame after our dinner

Black and White in front of the Eiffel Tower! Such a pretty site

La Sacre Couer in Montmartre

Can you tell Lexi and I are enjoying Paris? :)


  1. so happy you have a blog! will be following you religiously! looks like your having an awesome time so far!

  2. First thought: that's a lot of wine in that glass, I like it.
    Secondly, Can't wait to see your purchases, especially these boots that will somehow make you cool? Didn't know there was that much power in a pair of shoes.
    Thirdly, I love the pictures. And all your touristy things!

  3. Gah I miss your sass, but I love reading your blogs. They make me smile. I'm also so glad you are doing some shopping! My true love <3 Can't wait to hear more!! xox Cait