Saturday, February 12, 2011

When are you too old to ask for your mom? NOW

I haven't written much in awhile. It was a long, long week. We got our host families and started classes this week! I think it's safe to say that I had the most rollercoaster of emotions a person can have in 7 days.

My family wasn't able to pick me up on Sunday, so I stayed with my friend Lexi's family. Their family was so welcoming, complimentary, and genuinely excited to have us. Right before dinnertime, 7ish, my family came to get me. Talk about polar opposites. My family is still nice in their own way, but much more reserved and standoffish.

All of the students in my program live in suburbs like 30-40 min outside of the city by train after all the transfers have been made. None of us really live close to each other aside from like 4 of our group members. We really are in each home experience by ourselves.

One minute I'm so excited to be here, the next very alone and overwhelmed, disappointed with not really being acknowledged by my host family, and then just out of sync. The whole language barrier is never easy either. You never hear about how hard it will be. We schedule our classes without much help by ourselves, we have to figure out which Sorbonne building we're in by ourselves, and there is not much guidance from our program director. Honestly, peeing in a hole in Africa was definitely easier than all of this acclimating hoopla!

I can't just call my parents and say umm hey help! Or how do you make all the travel plans you make for us? Or can you just give me a hug because I'm feeling blue. Thankfully, though, that may be my blessing on this trip. Learning to truly be self-sufficient.

LUCKILY (there is a positive)! I have made some great friends here which made this week finish on a high note. I had a sleepover at one of my friend's family here. We had great conversation with the family and fantastic food. Today, I'm looking at making travel plans and all the excitement that comes along with that. So yes, the sun really does come up tomorrow.  :)

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