Sunday, February 20, 2011

French Cuisine!

My French Cooking Class!
Saturday I got the neat experience of going to a French cooking class! I went to a class for making macarons. My host brother said that the only people that go to those classes are exchange students, old couples, and single guys trying to meet girls.

Jean was wrong. I was the only exchange student and only non native French speaker! There were 3 couples, 2 young women a little older than me, and me! It was an hour and a half class, and a really cool experience.

The only things I've heard about macarons are that they are incredibly hard to make. Au contraire! They have a lot of steps in the recipe and are a little high maintenance, but not too hard to make again. Hopefully, I can bring it back to the States! I'll have to convert my recipe from using grams, first :)

The final steps of preparation for the macaroons :)

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