Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have a Little Faith

My mom has this incredibly annoying habit, as all mothers do, of always being right. It's like a superpower. I just can't wait until I'm a mom and can master the talent as well.

The ebb and flow of traveling abroad is the best way to describe one's feelings. You adjust to not being a tourist, to being a habitant of the city, to then resenting it and missing A'murica. I've gone through the rollercoaster :)

I can say, though, that it's a wave I can appreciate for my character growth. I always wonder when we've had enough character building situations, but apparently that isn't now!

Often times, people deem the French as rude, provencial, and unfriendly. However, many Americans forget that France is equally as exotic a land and culture as somewhere in Africa, Asia or some place else far away. Just because the French may look like other Anglo-Saxons (do NOT tell them I referred to them as Anglo-Saxon because I'll be deported) does not mean they have the same culture or even same mannerisms. The language in it of itself is exotic enough, however, for fun we added a totally different culture.

My French family relations continue to improve. They aren't as "welcoming", "friendly", or "bubbly" as families I'm used to, but in their own way they are equally as friendly and welcoming. It's just in their own way.

Despite the adjustment to the cultural differences, one thing that hasn't gotten hard to adjust to is the amazing architecture and life of Paris. It seems like any homesick day or a bad day can be cured with an ice cream cone and walking around Notre Dame, a glass of wine by the Seine river, or even wandering through the back streets of the city.
Friends at the National Opera

Seine at Night
Friends at the Seine :)

The Opera!
So like mom says...have a little faith. If today isn't your day, take a breath because your glass of wine by the Seine moment may just be a few minutes away. :)

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